A Quote


I came up with this quote the other day when I was looking back over my achievements over the past 6 months. This quote is one that I really need to learn and pay attention to myself, as it is often the thing which I struggle the most with.

My two main struggles at the moment are: being able to see and appreciate my own hard work and being able to give the thing which I am currently working on my undivided attention. I am working towards becoming better at the second one everyday. It’s a battle, but I’m winning – for the moment anyway.

What I mean by ‘the thing I’m currently working on’ is each different aspect of my day. I outline my plan or to-do list so to speak, at the start of each day. And I go through the list completing each task. But sometimes, my mind can lose focus on the thing that I am currently working on and wonder off topic and start thinking about one of my other tasks. For example, I’ll be in the gym and I’ll be mid-set and instead of focusing on contracting the targeted muscle, my brain will wonder into the realm of my novel and it’ll begin thinking about what I’m gong to add or about what’s going to happen next.

And it is really fucking annoying. So to combat this, prior to starting one of my day’s tasks, I have about 10 minutes in which I focus solely on the task at hand. The reasons that it has to be done and the ways in which I’m going to go about doing it. That seems to be helping thus far, so it’s happy days with that.

As for the first – and probably my worst – problem, I came up with a quote to help me overcome this one. We are all our own biggest critics and that often makes it hard to appreciate the hard work that you have been putting in day after day after fucking day!

So here is the quote that I devised in order to help me combat this issue:

“Take a look back every now and then to see how far you’ve come. But never stand still while doing so.”

When I listened to myself and actually took a look back, I found that since February I have: wrote 70,000 words for my 2nd novel, written 7 articles (all of which were published on an online content site), written multiple gaming article (about 10) which accumulated almost 20,000 views, expanded my Instagram following by almost 900, written 8 poems, 2 short-stories, started a blog and all whilst juggling a job, doing my cardio, training and eating/preparing 5 meals a day!

But the main thing: I’ve never once thought ‘ that’s enough for me’ because, well, it isn’t. Yes, I can appreciate that I have done a fair amount of work in such a short space of time but that doesn’t mean that I have stopped putting that work in. If anything I’m working harder. What? Do I deserve a pat on the fucking back and a ‘job well done’ sticker for putting in some work? No. No I don’t. But I do deserve having the pleasure of looking back and appreciating what I have accomplished, but, as my quote says, never standing still while doing so.

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