Random Blogging #8: Road Trip!


Today I am embarking on a road trip! I am taking a near-enough four hour drive towards the south of England. I am going to a seminar and open training event which is being hosted by one of my favourite bodybuilder’s/YouTuber’s.

I can’t wait to get down there!

So this is just an update to let you know that I won’t be posting anything other than this today, but I promise: tomorrow, I’ll have some more stuff for you guy’s. Like I said in my last Random Blogging installment – I’ve been extremely busy at the moment.

But yeah, I’m all set and ready to go! My meals are prepared, my supplements are ready, all there’s left to do now is get myself ready, which is always something that I tend to leave until last minute (I’m sure that I should actually be a girl sometimes…)

Oh, and another thing. The first draft of my second novel is almost complete! I intend to have it finished by tomorrow. In fact, seeing as today won’t be overly productive in terms of writing, I’m not going to stop working on it tomorrow until it’s done – which I think is realistic as I am almost finished. I followed a lot of my own advice when writing the first draft of this one (advice which can be found in another of my posts, the one about the dreaded first draft).

Following the completion of my first draft, I intend to create a piece on rewriting and the ways in which I believe are the best ways to go about doing so. So stay tuned for that!

Well, I best start getting ready. I’m setting off very shortly. I hope everyone has a great day, I know that I will!

And, as always:

Happy writing!

3 thoughts on “Random Blogging #8: Road Trip!

    1. I’m seeing a bodybuilder called Marc Lobliner – he’s more of a YouTuber/business man but he’s still a NABBA pro. And my new novel is a crime thriller which focuses on a brutal series of murders in the boroughs New York!


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