Random Blogging #4: A Writing Session at the Beach


(I took that picture on my iPhone by the way!)

Ah the only positive of living in Bedlington, Northumberland: you’re never far from a tranquil little spot, to which you can retreat with your notepad and pen, in order to craft some brilliance.

I’m sitting in my car right now as I type this, doing just that (well I hope – about the brilliance part). I was sitting in my bedroom, playing around with my notepad and my thoughts, seeing what I could create. I started writing a short-story and in the midst of my creation, I decided that my household was simply too noisy. Oh, how I long to have my own place – somewhere quiet, with a room that is solely there to write in. My own little writing office! One day soon, that’ll be a reality. At least I hope so…

So anyway, I wanted to get away from all the ruckus. And what better place than the beach? I grabbed my car keys and my notepad and pen, and off I went. I got here just as the sun was starting to set. The car park was empty – that was a sight for sore eyes – so I pulled my car in, parked up, rolled down the window so that I could enjoy the calming sound of the waves gently caressing the rocks beneath me, and began writing. True serenity, that is the condition in which I work best, and tonight wasn’t far from it.

All in all its been a good day. Over 1,000 words added to my novel, a blog post, another right now, a hard gym session, a short-story in the works and a poem! And I even still had time to play a little Minecraft. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine – get over it…

I hope that you all have had wonderfully productive yet, still enjoyable days! I know that I have. And I hope you can sleep tonight in harmony, knowing that you have done everything today that you possibly could have in order to bring you one step closer to your goals and dreams in life.

One way to guarantee that each day ends up a productive one, is to see each new day as the start of a new mission. Get out of bed with a love for what you do. Wake up every day like you’re on a mission, set your own objectives and don’t get back into that goddamned bed until that list is finished. Trust me,  if you’re like me and you’re never satisfied with a day’s work – no matter how productive it’s been – then you will benefit from having a checklist.

But for Christ sakes, make sure you complete it!

– And on that note: happy writing!

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