Quotes, Quotes and More Quotes!


As the days go on and more and more random words form in my mind, more and more quotes form in my notes on my phone. I’d say that a new quote wiggles it’s way into my mind at least once a day, which in turn, means that I have more to share. So here are a few that popped into my head over the last few days (mainly when I was at work, when I should have been working – oops) the ones that’re worth sharing, anyway.

#1 – “Happiness relies not on the emotions, but rather, the mind-set.”

#2 – “One does not become a professional by neglecting their duties. Your duty, as a writer, is to write. So do it. Everyday. Set aside a little time each day to allow your thoughts to spill onto the page in the form of greatness. Only then will you truly become a writer.”

#3 – “A writer is not defined by his abilities when doing so, but rather, by his abilities to do so consistently.”

So there you have it, some more of my quotes. And now, I’m off to the gym – it’s time to train.

I hope that you have a pleasant day, and, as always: happy writing!

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