Starting the Day With Some Inspiration


I thought that I’d provide you with some positive and inspiring quotes that I have been randomly coming up with over the last few years. I’ll think one up in the most unexpected situations – while driving, at work, lying in bed at night, while reading, pretty much anytime – and write them into the notes in my phone so that I don’t forget them.

And now I want to share a few here with you, use them as little motivating messages to bring a positive start to your day. Don’t wait around. Set out a list of tasks for today, make sure that they are relevant to your future self-betterment and success, and then make a start on completing the tasks on your list. You can relax when you’re done. But right now, we have work to do. Let’s do this!


#1 – “The door of endless opportunity will open itself eventually – you’ve just got to keep knocking.”

#2 – “Failure promotes success.”

#3 – “If you are afraid that you have very little to work with, fear not. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, yet we were able to formulate over 1 million words. It just takes application. One small and isolated seed can blossom to become a beautiful, blooming flower.”

I hope that you enjoyed these quotes. I will be sharing more of these in the very nigh future. And don’t forget: it’s time to go to work! 



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