Random Blogging #1


Welcome to ‘Random Blogging’! A series of posts in which I ramble about anything and everything, as and when it crosses my mind. A showcase of my thoughts. It could be anything from something interesting that has happened in my day to an episode of random thoughts (which by-the-way, I seem to have in abundance…).

You may learn what I ate for lunch and if it was good or not (chances are it wasn’t – I’m currently dieting), you may find that I tell you about a trip that I am embarking on or a spontaneous adventure in the form of a woodland walk or sand dune climbing. You might even find that I come on here and type a load of nonsense – sorta’ like I’m doing right now. And sometimes – I feel ‘very rarely’ would be a more appropriate selection of words – I might even cover a more serious topic, maybe something in the news on TV or something I read in the newspaper.

So, in summary, ‘random blogging’ will be exactly that: random blogging. And I shall try to make it a regular thing. I’d say daily but, quite frankly, my life isn’t interesting enough to provide daily blogs based on it… So I’ll stick to posting meaningful, creative posts for the most part and I’ll save ‘random blogging’ for those little magical moments in life when you just feel:



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